Every Guitar Needs a Bra

Your guitar is a significant investment. Provide inexpensive protection at all times, from bodily grunge and accidental minor scratches, with a Guitar Bra on each of your much-loved guitars.

Guitar Bra provides protection and comfort

Besides water, perspiration contains salt, protein, urea, and ammonia. Along with natural oils in your skin, these compounds build up on the upper edges of the guitar, where your arm makes contact. Dust and skin cells become imbedded in the build-up, leaving a visible coating of grunge, and eventually damaging the surface of the guitar.

When playing guitar in warm weather, sweat between the arm and the guitar “sticks” your arm in place – impeding free movements. Even in cooler weather, long sleeves and buttons can cause scratches to the face of the guitar. Handling the guitar, or even placing it on a stand will inevitably result in surface wear, and accidental bumps and scratches. These are mostly on the lower bout (the big end) of the guitar.

Guitar Bra largely eliminates wear and sweat problems associated with use of your guitar, and softens the sharp top edge, providing extended playing comfort. Guitar Bra provides protection from those annoying little bumps and scratches, and insulates the guitar from contact with your arm. With sweat and oil from your skin absorbed into the fabric, the Guitar Bra can be easily removed for laundering to remove the accumulated grunge.

Unlike a guitar case/bag, which only provides protection when the guitar is stored, the Guitar Bra remains in place at all times, gently hugging the guitar’s lower bout, without impacting the sound quality. It provides constant protection for the most vulnerable area of your guitar and greatly enhanced comfort when playing it.

Guitar Bras are beautifully made, by a professional team of skilled machinists, in a small factory in Brisbane. I am a Guitarist / Guitar tutor / Songwriter and I have been using Guitar Bras on my guitars since 2017. I would not use a guitar without one!

Guitar Bra options include:

  • A range* of quality stretch fabrics – providing a snug fit on your valuable instrument.
  • A range* of fashion colours to complement the colour scheme of your guitar.
  • Two custom sizes to suit the “waisted” Concert shape, and the larger Dreadnought shape guitars.
  • Aperture accommodating your guitar strap pin / amplifier cable jack.