About PeeKay Creations

It’s All about the Beauty Within…

Peekay Creations is about the beauty hidden beneath the coarse exterior.  Traditionally a building material for houses and furniture, I like to explore the boundaries of creativity using wood.

About my work

Working with wood, my work is often about exposing the beauty hidden within the outer “shell” of a piece of timber. Wood is an amazing medium, rich with colours and infinite patterns, just waiting to be mined from within. My work explores many complex shapes pushing the boundaries of what is “possible” with wood. It is about making the impossible appear to be possible with sensual, “twisted” and surreal, 3-Dimensional forms, that are not normally associated with things made from wood; traditionally seen as a very rigid, structural resource.

The collection explores the use of wood in many forms. It exposes the infinitely complex natural markings (the grain) that appear from within the timber as the quality of the finish is developed. These patterns become very complex when pieces of timber are laminated together, and then more complex when appearing to be “bent” or even circular, when influenced by the form of the piece. Lamination provides strength, not possible in a single piece of timber, and it also respects the value of the natural timber and the environment by vastly minimising waste in the sculpting process.

The works can range in completion time from weeks to several months, depending on the size, complexity and type of wood. e.g. Old hardwoods, often discarded as being too difficult to work with – even for construction, can contain beautiful colours, and very fine grains – but are very time-consuming to work with. Softwoods are much more workable, and typically display stronger grain markings.

I am also a guitarist/singer/songwriter/guitar tutor. After over 40 years of playing guitar, I became aware of a common problem for guitar player’s – needing a solution. See Guitar Bra page for more information.